There’s no place in the world that cooks seafood like the Eastern coast of India and in particular the Seafood restaurants in Mangalore. We have tried many of them and it’s our pleasure and privilege to share our top recommendations of Seafood restaurants in Mangalore with you! Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Hotels in Mangalore
Hotels in Mangalore
  • Machali
    Of course, this list of Seafood restaurants in Mangalore has to start with a restaurant named ‘fish’! Located in the heart of the city, this is a small family-run seafood restaurant. It is famous for its fish thali, which is comprised of a portion of red rice, a vegetable dish, a fish curry and a thick yellow dal gravy. On the side, you can order a fried anjal (kingfish) and prawns, pomfret tawa fry, or indulge in one of their famous ghee roasts.
  • ​Food Land
    With both the local cuisine as well as food from across India on the menu, Food Land is a great place to go for a group lunch. They have a variety of seafood on the menu — we recommend you try the Masala Fry, Ghee Roast and Prawn Fried Rice when here.
  • Giri Manjas
    This is an iconic seafood restaurant in Mangalore, with many celebrities having visited here for a bite freshly fried fish. The Tawa Fry is regarded as the best in the city. You can get a variety of fishes fried in this style including Bangude Tawa Fry, Nang Tawa Fry and White Pomfret Tawa Fry. Also worth checking out is their Squid Ghee Roast and Prawns Pannaupkari.
  • Gajalee Sea Food Restaurant
    Situated in an old colonial bungalow, Gajalee is one of Mangalore’s more exciting seafood restaurants. The decor and ambience will take you back in time and make the perfect setting for a classy evening with friends and family. Do remember to try out the Tandoori Lobsters, Schezwan Lobsters, Bombil Fry and Butter Pepper Pomfret.
  • Pallkhi
    The best choice when it comes to a family outing with good food, Phallkhi has a rooftop dining area that offers gorgeous views of the city. You can enjoy traditional Mangalorean dishes as well as cuisine from across India. Don’t forget to try out the Mutton Banarasi, Katte Meethe Aloo, and the Kadai Prawns.
  • Hotel Narayana
    Hidden away in the old port area, Hotel Narayana was opened to serve the people working around the port. But today, this charming restaurant is a must-visit for foodies. On the menu, you will find traditional Mangalorean cuisine. But one dish that you must have is the Fish Fry.
  • The Estate Bar and Restaurant
    If you’re planning to go sightseeing around Mangalore, in particular, if you’re planning to visit the cultural, historical and religious sites around Moodbidri, Karkala and Dharmasthala, then do make it a point to stop by The Estate Resort in Moodbidri. With stunning views of the valleys and hills, the Estate Restaurant and Bar is a unique venue to try out the fascinating local cuisine
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