Kickback and relax, watching an epic sunset on the beach!

Mangalore weekend escape
Mangalore weekend escape
  • Beach Tripping: Be a beach bum at one of the many that line the coast of this district and the neighbouring ones. Panambur, Suratkal, Malpe, Thaneerbhavi, and Shashihithlu are all a short drive from the Estate. Spend an evening taking in the sea and end the day watching an epic sunset.
  • Surf School: The wonderful folks at the Mantra Surf Club do a great job of chaperoning you through the journey to becoming a surf machine! Located close to the Shashihithlu beach, you'll have an experience you will remember for long!
  • Mussel Harvesting Viewing: Near the Surf Club is a wonderful little wetland area that supports an active fishing community that harvests fresh mussels from the area. Swing by during the early evening and watch these folks go about their business, as you enjoy watching the sun dip.
  • Kayak School: Train yourself at the fine art of kayaking along the idyllic Shambavi River. This ones a big favourite amongst adults and teenagers alike.
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